Imagine holding the key to unlocking your understanding of what’s stopping you from living the life you dream about. 

(Even if you think you kind of know, but are still feeling uncertain and stuck.)

“It brought to light my strengths and weaknesses and particularly how my tendencies change when I overextend myself. It also gave me practical tools I can practice at home.” 


Listen, I know your secrets.

 Like…how you feel the struggle between your steady income or taking a leap of faith    

     into a new career or starting a business.


 Like…how work is starting to feel stagnant and you’re bored of the predictability and 

     the politics in the workplace and you’re wondering if there’s something else out there    

     for you.


 Like…how you’ve got a ton of ideas and don’t know what to do with it all.  Work won’t 

     listen or maybe you want to turn it into your own business… but is it possible? Where           

     do you start?


 Like…how you’re feeling anxious and stressed because “time is running out”. 


✓  Like…how you want more for your life than working for somebody else’s business and 

     an income with a glass ceiling; clocking in and counting down the hours until wine 

     o’clock or being home with the kids.

I hear you. The good news?

You have more power than you think.

Stop scrolling and tell me...

Are you ready to take action and bring more clarity and results into your life. 

Or you might be thinking…

yet another personality test?!

Heck, if the other ones helped you find clarity, then hurray! But my guess is that you’re still here because you’re still looking for answers. 

Here’s what the Lumina Portrait can do for you - aside from just being a pretty splash of colour (that looks a lot like your child’s artwork)... wait, what?! Sounds silly, but hear me out.

1. No labels, no more putting you in a box or stereotyping. Have you come away from other personality assessments intending to tell you your strengths and weaknesses and what you can do with those and yet feel like it wasn’t giving you the whole picture? Lumina doesn’t do that, it looks at “traits” in varying degrees, not just simple “types”.  There are no two result that could be exactly the same because the combinations are endless, just like with real people!

2. No biases, the questions are asked independently of each other. What that means is, no forced choice, you can be an introvert AND an extrovert. YES!!! Most individuals are somewhere in a middle spectrum and how one behaves is reflected from this, but most research puts someone as one or the other, and that is just not true for most people. The result speaks volumes into how you operate.

3. You can be one person at work and another person at home. That’s pretty understandable, right?! So why wouldn’t we want to know how they are linked and why that matters? And, here’s the cherry on top, how about when you’re stressed, frustrated, or plain and simple - mad?! Lumina distinguishes between these three persona’s, as they are call it. Another useful tool to give you back the power you didn’t know you had!

4. Spot the paradox. It can be a bit of a taboo to make paradoxical statements, but did you know you could be a walking paradox? Crazy, I know! But those internal conflicts that have you on an endless teeter totter of confusion can be stopping us from the results we know we should be getting. Imagine if you could nip that in the butt and choose what in that moment will work best for you. It’s about being the driver behind the wheel as you cruise down journey road.

5. Fun, Easy, Memorable and Actionable.  Lumina is fun! Those splashes of colour I mentioned are for us right brained folk, with graphs for us left brained folk. There’s something for everyone so that the information is digestible and actionable, practical and sticky, so you walk away empowered to actually USE what you learn to create quick and meaningful action.

I’ve got you, as someone who’s taken multiple assessments, frustrated with the results because something was always “missing”.  Let me tell you, bringing Lumina into my coaching toolbox has been a gamechanger.  I am all about pulling together the best tools to optimize results so I can help you cut through confusion. 

But why me?


Well, hey there! It’s Jenn,


I’ve been exactly where you are, lived through 2 (now 3!) recessions, trying to figure out how to live my life with purpose, freedom and flexibility, all while thriving and making a difference in my career.  In the beginning I didn’t know where to turn to for help. My friends and family didn’t understand my dreams, and I devoted a ton of time digging. Digging deep within, digging for information, and taking all kinds of tests for the magic answer. I’d be left asking…


How reliable were these tests if I am only partially being seen?

Where do I even begin to apply this to real life?

Why does it feel more like a slap in the face than a shining, “aha”?


And then there were the questions I didn’t even realize I needed to ask! 




How am I stopping myself?

Can this improve my personal and professional relationships?

What is my the superpower I have and how do I use it?


The outdated tests weren’t shedding any light on my challenges or how to actually use what I was learning. So, I trialed and errored my way through, frustrated, and confused. That is what I don’t want for you. Yes it’s true, action brings clarity. But informed action brings exponential clarity.


So when I saw my results with Lumina, and fully understood how I was stopping myself from succeeding. That was, bouncing between two equally strong and completely opposite personality traits no one has ever talked about. I felt like I cracked the code to hitting another level and that’s when things really got exciting! 


We all have natural ebbs and flows in our energy that some of us may be in tune with already. We hustle, burn out, then it’s pause, self-care mode: On. It works, but the way I see it, that’s reactionary. So how would it look like if we were pro-actionary, when you have the knowledge to set yourself up so well that you don’t second guess, you don’t burn out, you just cruise… that is putting you back in the driver seat of life. And doesn’t it feel great to be the one in control of your life?


That’s what life can look like on the other side of your Lumina Portrait. 

The Lumina Spark Portrait

A full spectrum, no nonsense, unbiased personality assessment to restore confidence, bring clarity, build better relationships and help you get into efficient and intentional action.


(Did that just give you a little shiver of excitement? I know I felt it!)

"Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.

Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power."

- Tao Te Ching

After a Lumina Portrait Session you’ll have… 

- A clear, jargon-free perspective of you

- HIghly individualized results means a completely personalized experience

- A unique model that offers 3 levels of depth not seen in any other personality assessment

- A dissection of your complex contradictions

- Scientifically validated results that use “both/and” thinking instead of an “either/or” approach means more data uncovered, all about you

- The ability to understand and communicate better in your personal and professional life

- Colourful and practical results that is memorable and applicable to every aspect of your life

- The ability to experience less conflict and greater understanding of those around you

- A free downloadable app (Apple and Android) you can access anytime so you have a quick summary of you, right in the palm of your hand

- Easy to share code so you can quickly compare your portrait with other’s and learn more about each other

- Your own online account and “virtual coach” so you can keep getting value, again and again

The only thing you WON’T get is judgement, having the “right” or “wrong” set of qualities or fluffy jargon. I only focus on your unique data, and practical application for optimum results.

"Connecting to your passion or purpose isn’t about your career or money, but about identifying your authentic self. The one underneath other people’s views and needs."

"Ok, but Jenn, couldn’t I just figure it out on my own?”

Sure, you could go down the Google rabbit hole, squishing bits and pieces of advice together from free assessments that you don’t know if they’ve been validated, crossing your fingers that this will be the answer. 


Or you continue navigate your way as you have been, going through the ups and downs of life, drawing on random pieces of inspiration, waiting for that light bulb moment that you’re sure will one day come…


…a self help book here, a motivational quote there, another chat with a friend… any moment now!


And still… confusion, unsolicited advice, the same nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach. 


Same old story.

So instead, take action!  Get on a call with me and we’ll walk through one of the most comprehensive personality assessments you’ll ever get your hands on, and discover all things that light you up and all things stopping you from getting the results you know you should’ve already had.

If you’re ready to join the ranks of women and men who are taking control of their life and running towards a life with confidence and clarity, then you’re ready to jump in to your Lumina Portrait and Discover Your Spark.

Remember, nobody’s gonna change  your life for you, only you can change it for yourself...

So who am I anyway? Here’s a bit of my story…


Hey! I’m Jenn Lam.


I’m a clarity coach, balance-it-all lifestyle blogger, self-development specialist and entrepreneur. 


I coach aspiring entrepreneurs and multi-passionates how to clarify their goals and take action by leveraging their unique combination of personality, skill and life experiences.


How I arrived at this point isn’t because of some outstanding accolade or a troubled past, but a kaleidoscope of experiences and an insatiable curiosity for life and people - regardless of their backgrounds.


You see, I thought I’d chosen the “correct” path. Go to university, work hard, land a good job and climb my way up. 


But around the age of 25 (hello #quarterlifecrisis), I remember thinking, 


“is this all there is? Do I really want this to be the rest of my life? Stuck in this cycle until retirement?”


I decided the status quo just wasn’t cutting it. Pursuing the climb up the corporate ladder for just a couple weeks of vacation and spending weekends dreading Mondays? No thank you. 

So I quit, built a business from scratch with a side hustle free-lancing, and in a matter of months was just shy from 6 figures.


This built the foundation that allowed me to travel whenever I wanted, and to explore what it truly meant to live a full life with intention and purpose. 


I knew neither my business or free-lancing was it. So I trialed and errored my way through, researching opportunities and ways to optimize myself while enjoying what was available to me. 


I started to help others build confidence in themselves, find clarity in their careers, their business and their next steps. I loved it! And I came to the realization, I wanted to do this full time.


I wanted to help other men and women understand their unique combination of strengths, challenges and skills to find clarity and experience what it means to be empowered and in control of their life. 


To stop wondering if they should be doing more or if they’re on the “right” path. To being ultra clear and confident to know if they’re living for someone else or for themselves. I wanted to support men and women everywhere that whether they want to quit their job, launch a business or simply make adjustments to their current one, that the solution to finding that answer is simple.

I don’t want you to be saving your joy for weekends and vacation time

I don’t want you ignoring your gut and listening to others who don’t know what’s best for you (despite wanting the best for you)

I don’t want you wondering “is this all” or if there’s more out there.


Merci, mais non.

Your Lumina Portrait will help you discover what you already know deep down, but haven’t quite been able to pinpoint so that you can truly leap forward. If this sounds like you, I invite you to jump in!

- You're overwhelmed with ideas and don't know where to begin

- You fear wasting your time or that you’re not working on the “right” thing

- You want to make more income but don’t know if you can handle a side-hustle

- You’re unhappy in your job but don’t know what you could do instead

- You see others taking the leap and succeeding and you’re thinking, “that should be me!"

You already have all the answers! It’s just time to bring them to the surface!

So book now and uncover the details!

You’re joining hundreds of action takers who have leveled up their life, improved their personal and professional relationships, made the career moves that now brings them joy, and started the business that they’ve been dreaming of.

Got Questions? I bet it's one of these...

Wait, so who’s this for exactly?

The Lumina Portrait is for you if you find yourself “nodding” to any of these below…

You’re tired of being labelled, stereotyped and “put into a box”. Seasoned quiz and personality takers, you’re going to find this one so refreshing!

You’re completely new to any kind of personality assessment and don’t know where to start. You don’t need to have a bad experience to start having good ones! Channel your questions through here to gain clarity.

You’re tired of feeling “stuck” and don’t know what’s stopping you.

You know your relationships, both professionally and personally, could be better but don’t know how to improve them. Frustrated your boss isn’t “seeing” you? Feeling misunderstood?

You want to better understand the people around you and be better understood. We are diverse beings and getting a grasp of how to handle this can really enhance all areas of your life.

You’re doing well in your life or career but feel like there should be something more and can’t quite pin point it.

Who's this NOT for?

You're intent on focusing on the negatives.

You're unwilling to do the work cause you've done something similar before.

You already "know" who you are.

What happens once I register?

You’ll get a welcome email and link to book your private, personalized session with yours truly. You’ll also get an email with instructions on how to set up your account. This is for you to jump in whenever you want. Once you complete the questionnaire, you will receive a mini version of your results. The full version of the result is released to you during our session together. Why I have done this is because part of the exercises involved during our time together requires enquiry and reflection before we shine a light on the results. Simply put, it’s for your own good!

*As an aside, consider this a “treat yourself” and if it’s available to you, add in some self care post session so you have time to soak all the info in and do some private reflection.

I'm so busy, will I have time for this?

There are 144 questions that you will need to answer. It can take anywhere from 15min to an hour. There really is no right or wrong and how long it takes is up to you.  Our session to review your portrait is 90min. So generally, consider it about 2 hours of your life to develop some kick ass clarity.  If that’s too much time, that’s ok. I do however, challenge you with a question, what's stopping you?

This is a big investment for me. Is it worth it?

Anything I use is a tried and tested tool or strategy that has gotten me to where I am now and that has garnered massive personal and organizational results. My guess is, if you’re really looking to make a change, you’ll take action.

Why don’t you have a free version or a “taster” version?

Lumina prides itself on it’s research and validity. Due to the nature of the assessment, there isn’t a way to create a “freebie” version. Where most personality assessments offer a free basic autogenerated analysis, Lumina has yet to be able to this without compromising the validity of the results. For example, think of a low resolution photograph, it’s clear at 4” x 6” but when you blow it up, it becomes pixelated and fuzzy. This is how most personality assessments come up with their results. Lumina however, is like taking a high resolution photo and then making it small - so whether printed as a poster or as a 4 x 6” photo, they are equally clear.  With this concept in mind, that means that whether simplified or in full detail, the results are generated in the same way, fully customized to you.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, once your results are generated, there are no refunds. Due to the nature of how your results are generated, it is the same reason why there is no “taster” or “free” version as the above question.

Will I get one on one time?

Absolutely! This is customized to you and with me taking you through it.  Don’t be shy here, this is a time where “me, me, me” is embraced and encouraged!

How long do I have access to the profile?

Forever! It’s yours to keep and refer back to anytime you want.

Can I become a Lumina Practitioner for my work or my own business?

Absolutely! Lumina has qualified practitioners around the world offering solutions for individuals and organizations. If you know you’ll love this tool as much as I do and want to either bring it into your own offering or to your company, fill out this form here.

Finding your passion, your purpose, your calling... however you want to refer to it, is such a buzz word these days and for good reason!  It’s what gives you the edge, an edge in results, in your relationships, in your confidence and so much more.  No matter what you’re pursuing, a pivot, a side-hustle, more joy, a business… it always comes down to being clear in not only what you want, but who you are.

So, if you don’t know where to start, start here.

Your Lumina Portrait paves the way to you creating a thriving life and take you from confused, figure it out as I go mindset…

To confident, clear and intentional action taker.

It's Your Turn. 

Need Help or Got Questions?

Send an email to [email protected] and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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